Mission and Beliefs

Our Teachers
Concentrate on
Educating, Enabling, & Encouraging Kids in a
Safe School Environment
Mission Statement
Education is the shared responsibility of school and community. By putting children first, O. C. E. S. accepts the responsibility to provide a varied and challenging program, to accept all students as individuals, and to guide them toward successful achievement. Therefore, our mission is to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
Vision Statement

Our vision for OCES is to provide a safe and supportive environment conducive to producing hardworking independent thinkers and learners who adapt positively to an ever-changing world.

Students will...

  • Take responsibility for their actions regarding their work and behavior.
  • Follow all school rules.
  • Show respect for their peers, adults, and themselves.

Teachers will...

  • Exhibit professionalism and integrity.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in providing challenging and engaging instructional activities.
  • Pursue ongoing professional development.
  • Promote partnerships with families and the community.

Parents/Guardians will...

  • Engage in productive communication with their child and his/her teacher(s).
  • Be actively involved with their child's learning.
  • Take responsibility for the child's consistent attendance at school.

Communities will...

Support the school, its program, and its policies.
Plans & Policies